Why I believe Women Are Called to Serve in ALL Levels of Church Leadership

I would not be the disciple of Christ that I am if it were not for female leaders in the church. As a pastor, author, and community developer, my discipleship, spiritual formation, and leadership development is—and has been—inextricably linked to female leadership at every level within the church. I have […]

Ida B. Wells: Poetic Justice

Ida B. Wells is the most unsung freedom fighter in U.S. history. Her pursuit of justice spurred the Great Migration, halted the barbarous—nationwide–epidemic of lynching, and helped birth the NAACP. Born a slave—in Holly Springs, Mississippi—Wells overcame, what seemed to be, insurmountable odds to become one of the most prophetic […]

Jesus and punishment (Christian Century review of Rethinking Incarceration)

Dominique DuBois Gilliard’s Rethinking Incarceration is the perfect addition to a larger conversation about mass incarceration. by Daniel José Camacho March 1, 2018 When Michelle Alexander quit teaching law in 2016, she made a memorable statement which included the following words: “This is not simply a legal problem, or a political problem, or a policy […]

#LentTogether: The Cost of Discipleship, in Community

Lent is a season of preparation. It is a liturgical period of time where we soberly look towards the cross and consider the true cost of discipleship. It is a time during which we remember that we were bought with a price and acknowledge that our lives are not our […]

Publishers Weekly Review of “Rethinking Incarceration”

In his debut, Gilliard, an Evangelical Covenant Church pastor, builds on the work of Michelle Alexander (The New Jim Crow), Bryan Stevenson (Just Mercy), and Christopher D. Marshall (Compassionate Justice) to create a readable narrative history of racialized incarceration in the U.S. Gilliard depicts the modern incarceration culture as being […]

Books to Watch in 2018

We are thrilled to announce that the Englewood Review of Books named Rethinking Incarceration as 1 of the 30 Books For Christian Readers to Watch For in 2018! Read more here.

Advent as Solidarity

Advent reminds us that we serve a God who intentionally chose to enter in! While God did not have to, God elected to intervene on our behalf. Compelled by love, Jesus—in selfless abandon—forsook ‪‎‪‎comfort, safety, and heaven’s shalom…to stand in solidarity with humanity. This costly decision was taken for granted; in […]

Reclaiming the Power of Lament

Somewhere along the way, we modern Christians got lament wrong: we began thinking of it as optional instead of a required practice of the faith. A strange word to modern ears, “lamentation” feels inherently ancient. It brings to mind images of an overwrought demonstration of mourning — sackcloth and ashes, […]

Multiculturalism Beyond Photo Ops and Potlucks

Author Amy Julia Becker interviews Dominique about racial reconciliation. Amy: Can you tell us a little bit about your background as someone involved in racial reconciliation work within the church? Dominique: I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, in an African American church. During my teenage years I read and reflected […]