The Implications of Meritocracy on the Church

We gather weekly to worship God, giving honor, praise, and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We declare the goodness of God through prayers, songs, and sermons. We thank God for the unceasing love, mercy, and grace that’s been extended to us, singing hymns of adoration and thanksgiving […]

Advent as Solidarity

Advent reminds us that we serve a God who intentionally chose to enter in! While God did not have to, God elected to intervene on our behalf. Compelled by love, Jesus—in selfless abandon—forsook ‪‎‪‎comfort, safety, and heaven’s shalom…to stand in solidarity with humanity. This costly decision was taken for granted; in […]

Reclaiming the Power of Lament

Somewhere along the way, we modern Christians got lament wrong: we began thinking of it as optional instead of a required practice of the faith. A strange word to modern ears, “lamentation” feels inherently ancient. It brings to mind images of an overwrought demonstration of mourning — sackcloth and ashes, […]

Multiculturalism Beyond Photo Ops and Potlucks

Author Amy Julia Becker interviews Dominique about racial reconciliation. Amy: Can you tell us a little bit about your background as someone involved in racial reconciliation work within the church? Dominique: I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, in an African American church. During my teenage years I read and reflected […]